Archive of the Old Church Slavonic Card Index

The specialized public database Archive of the Old Church Slavonic Card Index was created within the project GORAZD: An Old Church Slavonic Digital Hub (the project has been financially supported for 2016-2020 by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic’s NAKI II programme (project number DG16P02H024).

The database consists of scanned sheets representing the base, on which the the Old Church Slavonic Dictionary (SJS) was built. These sheets contain occurrence records of all words preserved in the Old Church Slavonic texts as well as later Church Slavonic texts included into the dictionary. The database numbers 841,362 image files representing the original excerption. The texts, excerpted later for the Supplements to SJS, will not be made accessible until their inclusion into the dictionary.

Each sheet contains a lemma in a normalized form with the determination of the part of speech that may include declination or conjugation type, abbreviation of the text, in which the word has been attested with an eventual mentioning of the corresponding Bible verse, Greek or Latin equivalent, translation into Czech, citation of the corresponding place in its context, citation of the original text in case the text in question is a translation and eventual variants of the same place in other text copies. Some sheets have two sides.

The structure of the database corresponds to the real assortment of the card index into three cabinets and 145 trays. Each tray contains 5000 card slips in average. The trays are continuously numbered and described with the lemma situated on the first and the last sheet. For orientation purposes, they are further classified according to the lemma on each 1000th sheet.

The name of each image has a unique code: the first three signs mark the cupboard (SS1 – SS3), the signs after the dash mark the position of the tray in the cupboard (numbers mean the vertical position, the capital letters denote the horizontal position), the following number means the sheet order within the tray. Front sides are marked with a minuscule a after the code, the back sides with a minuscule b.


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